Build a SaaS Application in Django 3.0

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We created a Poll on our Facebook page for the next tutorial in our blog, So most of the peoples voted for the Making SaaS based application in Django. In this tutorial post we are going to start the series, If you haven’t followed our page please go ahead and check out our page where we posted most recent Django, Python and other technical materials.

Of course those said Continue the Django eCommerce tutorial Series, we will do that as well. but for now we are going with the Build a SaaS Application in Python Django .

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Here are those step we are going to follow to make this series complete.

  1. Elaborating the ideas.
  2. Write some codes to make our hands dirty.
  3. Deploy the App to Heroku.


For this tutorial series, you have to have some basic knowledge of Python and have some knowledge about making a blog or some simple projects in Django, If you haven’t enough knowledge then you follow some YouTube Tutorials or you can go through our previous Django tutorials. Here are some of the latest ones.

What is SaaS.

Before we start the steps, we should know , what is SaaS? SaaS is stand for Software as a Service which is in the cloud, instead of downloading the software into your machine you can easily access that from the cloud by using the browsing application.

  1. Elaborating the ideas.

First of all let me tell you one thing that is we are not going to build a Huge Web App as for this project. We are going to make a small SaaS based business to make you clear about how you can create your own SaaS based application.

Before I elaborate the idea, let me tell you where it came into my mind. In the last December I started working on my personal blog where I can put my daily life contents, So I chosen markdown and a static site generator for my blog over WordPress or any other CMS.

But the difficult part is came when I started creating the contact us page. In that case we all know that so send a notification or mail of the contact form somehow we need a server or we should have to use a trid-party service like or something like that. All though they have free tier but after some amount of request they charged a fixed amount of rates.

Then the idea comes into my mind that why not create something like this for mine which will help me to get my contact form running and also a SaaS based business as well.

Actual Idea :

Actual idea is to create a Web App with some endpoint ( May be have some REST APIs ) which will provide the contact form notification to the user(Owner of the contact form).

Then we can add more features to our web apps to make it larger.

For this blog we are going to use this as a tutorial and in future you can more feature to make it a great business.

In this post we are going to stop here, On Friday we are going to release the first part where we will start from the Second Step to write some code and hopefully deploy the SaaS Application to Heroku.

We are planning to make another SaaS Application after this one, but it depends on the response of all you.

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